Why Shop with Car Place

As an industry leader in vehicle equity valuation, you can rest assured the price you pay protects you from major market price fluctuations.

You ever hear this...."The second I drove my new car off the lot I lost over half its value!!!"? 

You work hard for your money and we respect that. Save your hard earned money and spend it on things that matter like your family.

Sure the franchise dealers offer amenities and piece of mind purchasing. But so do we. They will charge you MSRP, we won't. Get all the benefits of a new car purchased in a used car valuation. By shopping with us, your vehicle value is protected. We use state of the art vehicle valuation software along with very reasonable retailing solutions to make sure our prices are fair to our consumers. 


Selection for All

We do not discriminate. We sell 200K dollar cars and we sell 2000 dollar cars. And no matter what your budget is we are going to treat you the same. You get the same service buying a cash car as somebody who is purchasing an exotic super car. 

Service center in house

We check all our vehicles for major issues, leaks, safety, and overdue maintenance. Again a concern that many have when shopping with an Independant Dealer as opposed to a Franchise dealership..."do you guys service your cars?" We absolutely do this and we make sure your sales price is still the most competitive in the market.